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These terms of use are the agreement between you and our company.

  • You should read the privacy policy and cookie policy carefully. If you buy our company's goods, it means that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.
  • These terms can be updated by the company at any time without notice. Once the company's terms of use are changed, the revised content will be announced on the website. Once the modified service is published on the website, it will effectively replace the original terms of service. You can check the latest version of the company's terms and policies at any time.

Refund policy:

  • During the warranty period, any original parts of the product itself, after inspection by the factory authorized maintenance personnel, are determined to be material problems, workmanship defects or defects covered by natural damage. After the customer receives the same parts provided by Aeropower, they can Replace it by yourself or by maintenance personnel authorized by Ae. The replacement or repair parts provided during the warranty period must be borne by the purchaser for all transportation costs.

User rules:

  • Unless others agreement between you and our company, you agreed that this service is for personal and non-commercial use only. You may not copy, copy, sell, or use the service for investigation, advertising, or other commercial purposes on any part of the service or the use of the service. Among them, you may not send any advertisements, promotional materials, spam, direct marketing and pyramid schemes emails by information, instant messaging or other means, unless the company has other applicable guidelines or rules for specific services.
  • o not send any information that hinders public order or is illegal, false, harassing, insulting, threatening, hurtful, destructive, provocative, obscene and pornographic.
  • nsure the authenticity, correctness and completeness of the user identity when using each service. If the information changes, you should change it in time. After safely completing the registration procedure for this service and receiving a password and account number, you should maintain the confidentiality and security of the password and account number. You should take full responsibility for the activities carried out by anyone using your password and account.
  • hen your password or account is used without authorization, or any other security problems occur, you will immediately notify the company.
  • very time you surf the Internet or use other services, you will log out the relevant account safely.
  • ou agree to accept that the company will send you product promotions or other relevant business information via email or other legal means.
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