Do you want to inquire about the product?

In line with the spirit of based in Taiwan and we do take a broad view, while serves our customers with heart, and promotes the marketing of Taiwan's developed products to the world.

Contact and media / Q&A

1. I have an inquiry request, who should I contact?
For domestic sales in Taiwan, you can call our company 04-23320088 for inquiries, or fill in the demand form, and we will have professional planners contact you. For export orders, you can directly fill in the demand form for inquiries, and our export sales staff will contact you.

2. I want to be a supplier, who should I contact?
If you are willing to cooperate with our company, please email to, and please attach a brief company introduction (50-100 words) and product catalog. If it meets our needs, our purchasing staff will contact you.

3. I have an interview request, who should I contact?
For interview needs, please kindly mail to, please do explain what your company is and the content of the interview. Our public relations will contact you as soon as we receive the mail.

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