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About Aeropower / Q&A

1. Who is Aeropower?
Aeropower is a company specializing in the production of general ventilation equipment for industry, animal husbandry, and large indoor places. The total product categories are divided into four categories, industrial ceiling fans, water cooling series, exhaust series, and air supply series to provide customers with the most suitable solution Program. From design, R&D to production, Aeropower's products are 100% made in Taiwan, and have a professional construction team and after-sales service, insisting on providing customers with quality assurance.

2. Why should I use Aeropower’s products?
Aeropower is committed to the advancement of ventilation technology and product research and development, and has repeatedly brought major breakthroughs to the industry and brought customers high-efficiency products. AEROPOWER's product features include:

1) Power saving-The first BLDC motor dedicated to ventilation products in Taiwan. It uses the lowest power consumption to bring the best product benefits without the need to spend a lot of money for continuous cooling.

2) Energy saving-To do our part to protect the earth, energy saving and carbon reduction is the mission of the ventilation industry. Aeropower is the first company in Taiwan to introduce water-cooling technology, and introduces the technology into products, and develops a series of water- cooled fans. By blowing cool wind through the water cycle, it achieves a cooling effect without any carbon emissions.

Combining technology-In response to the trend of industrial automation, Aeropower has developed a special intelligent controller that can control multiple fans at the same time to achieve the goal of automated management. And it will be invested in the Internet of Things (IoT) field at the end of 2019, and will soon create a place where customers can breathe intelligently.

3. Where can I buy Aeropower’s products?
Aeropower's products are sold at home and abroad. You can contact us by phone +886-4-2332-0088 to discuss purchase and installation matters, or fill in the demand form, and we will have professional planners contact you.

4. Can I download Aeropower's product catalog?
You can download our latest catalog by clicking on the image below. If you have individual product catalog needs, please fill out the demand form and contact us.

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