The galvanized box fan is manufactured from galvanized steel plates, benefiting from its square design. This type of fan can be neatly arranged on walls, effectively utilizing wall space, and offers flexible installation. Utilizing a belt-driven design, the galvanized box fan exhibits the capability to withstand elevated static pressure and environments with a higher concentration of dust particles. It finds extensive applications in settings such as livestock facilities, greenhouses, and industrial factories.   To meet the demands of the market, the design of this product series adopts a square configuration. It utilizes FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) in a one-piece molded construction, ensuring dimensional stability and resistance to deformation over prolonged periods of use. When these products are installed, their louvers align flush with the exterior wall, opening outward. This feature makes them exceptionally well-suited for installation in industrial facilities where outdoor space is limited. Furthermore, the FRP Square Fan can be optinaled by upgrading its motor to a brushless DC motor. This upgrade significantly reduces power consumption during operation, while concurrently providing a consistent supply of fresh air to enhance the air quality within production workshops.

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