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Products and Technology / Q&A

1. How do I choose the product and size?
Aeropower's products have a variety of products, which are suitable for all industries and livestock farms, as well as most semi-open places. If you have product purchase needs, please call us 04-2332-0088 to discuss product selection and purchase, or fill in the demand form, and we will have professional planners contact you to provide the most suitable solution for your needs.

2. How do I install the product?
You can ask our professional construction personnel to arrange installation at the factory to avoid installation errors due to unfamiliar products and reduce product service life. If you have a professional construction team that can install it by yourself, you can check the product installation instructions and precautions manual on the page of the product you purchased.

3. How should I take care of the product?
Any product needs regular cleaning and maintenance to extend the service life of the product. You can check the corresponding product maintenance manual on the product page for regular maintenance.

4. How can I repair the damaged product?
If the product is damaged or malfunctions, please do not repair it yourself. Please stop the operation of the product and check the damage and it’s failure. Do call us 04-2332-0088, our customer service staff will help you solve the problem of product damage and failure. For product maintenance terms, please refer to the terms of use.

5. Can I purchase spare parts separately?
Yes. You can purchase additional spare parts when you place an order. Or place another order to purchase spare parts according to the needs after use. You can contact us by phone 04-2332-0088, or fill in the request form, our customer service team will contact you.

6. Where can I find the product manual?
You can find the instruction manual of the corresponding product on the product page.

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