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In line with the spirit of based in Taiwan and we do take a broad view, while serves our customers with heart, and promotes the marketing of Taiwan's developed products to the world.

About Shipment / Q&A

1. How will the product I buy be packed to avoid damage during transportation?
Local transportation in Taiwan generally chooses to use trucks. We will use ropes, wooden stakes and other items to secure the products to avoid shaking and damage during transportation. During international transportation, we will arrange the shipment of loose parts or complete machines according to customer needs, and use wood to separate and fix the products to avoid collisions during transportation. Customers can purchase additional wooden boxes to protect the packed products.

2. How long is the delivery time of the product?
Domestic sales orders are prepared within 3-5 days after the order is confirmed. The specific delivery time will depend on the order volume and our sales staff will confirm it on the purchase order; the export orders will be delivered 28 days after the confirmation of receipt of the advance payment. For special orders, the delivery date will be negotiated separately.

3. What kind of payment methods are accepted?
Domestic orders accept cash remittance and check at sight.

4. Is there a warranty for the product I purchased? How long is the warranty period?
All products shipped by Aeropower are guaranteed for one year. For other detailed warranty policies, please refer to the terms of use.

5. What is Aeropower's return policy?
During the warranty period, any original parts of the product itself, after inspection by the factory authorized maintenance personnel, are determined to be material problems, workmanship defects or defects covered by natural damage. After the customer receives the same parts provided by Aeropower, they can Replace it by yourself or by maintenance personnel authorized by us. The replacement or repair parts provided during the warranty period must be borne by the purchaser for all transportation costs.

For other policies, please read the terms of use in detail.
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